Sheriff Clarke calls for bomb threat suspect to be waived into adult court

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke issued the following statement on Friday, March 11th regarding the arrest of the 16-year-old in several of the recent bomb threats made against area high schools:

"Four times over the past week, my Explosive Ordnance Detection Unit was summoned to West Allis Central High School and Wauwatosa West High School for bomb threat calls made to the schools. This caused a huge disruption as classes had to be suspended, which resulted in lost learning time, and caused anxiety and mental stress on parents who are rightfully worried about the well-being of their kids. I heard school officials and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the media, talking about ‘how seriously’ they take this.

"Now it’s time to show us and those who plan to engage in this behavior how serious we really are. More times than not, this rhetoric becomes no more than an exercise in saber-rattling with no severe consequences handed out, and thus no deterrent effect on these threats.

"One way for the District Attorney’s Office to show how truly seriously they take this crime, would be to waive this 16-year-old into adult court, so that he will face serious consequences instead of the slap on the wrist that usually results when going through Children’s Court.

"I heard a member of the District Attorney’s Office in an interview say that they take this seriously and this type of crime could result in prison time. The juvenile cannot be sentenced to prison, nor will he face the public humiliation of having his name released if he is adjudicated in Children’s Court.

"When people actually start getting prison time for this crime, this behavior will cease. I will be watching this case closely to see how truly seriously the District Attorney’s Office deals with this, and I will keep the public posted."