Sheriff: 252 arrests in Kenosha unrest; 132 don't live in the county

Kenosha County sheriff's officials on Thursday, Sept. 3 offered an update on the unrest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Aug. 23, noting eight days and nights "with relatively peaceful activity." County officials Wednesday announced the curfew would be ended, hours after protesters filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging it was unconstitutional.

According to a news release from the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, as of Thursday, there had been 252 arrests, and 132 of those arrested do not live in Kenosha County.


City vehicles set on fire in Kenosha

Property damage due to the unrest is estimated at $385,000 in Kenosha County and $1.95 million in the city of Kenosha.

From Aug. 23 through Sept. 3, sheriff's officials noted 31,204 calls for service and 3,465 911 calls. More than 40 law enforcement agencies responded, and sheriff's officials noted more than 1,500 National Guard members.

Multiple buildings set on fire during 2nd night of unrest in Kenosha

The ATF is investigating more than 20 fires, seeking seven persons of interest. 

According to sheriff's officials, seven vehicles and businesses in Kenosha were set ablaze between Aug. 23 and Aug. 25.

Kenosha shooting suspect

Aug. 25 is the night that saw the fatal shooting of two protesters. Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois faces homicide charges in that shooting.

Kenosha County sheriff's officials said, "We want to honor the peaceful protests and assemblies but at the same time protect the safety and security of our community.  We thank the citizens of Kenosha County for their assistance in keeping Kenosha strong and safe."

In Kenosha, Joe Biden to test his promise to unify the nation

Joe Biden faces the most intense test yet of his pledge to be a calming, unifying leader for a divided nation when he travels Thursday to Kenosha.

Kenosha lodge, destroyed amid unrest, begins to pick up pieces

The Danish Brotherhood Lodge has been part of the Kenosha community since 1910. Now, it has been reduced to rubble.

ATF seeks 7 persons of interest in Kenosha arson investigations

At least even people are sought as authorities continue to investigate 20 structure and seven vehicle arsons in Kenosha.