'She is a warrior:' Milwaukee woman hospitalized after being struck by hit-and-run driver

Hit-and-run crash, 7th & Lapham

MILWAUKEE -- Police are searching for a driver who crashed into a woman on Milwaukee's south side on Thursday, Jan. 3 and drove off.

Cellphone video shows first responders actively helping a woman, desperately in need.

"She was crying and shaking," said Frank Viera.

Frank Viera

The chaos was captured by Viera just moments after Mario Prado was struck by a car near 7th and Lapham on Thursday morning. Witnesses say the impact was intense.

"All the way from the white line, she landed right here. It was pretty far where it threw her," Viera said.

Viera said the driver briefly stopped before speeding away.

"I saw two young guys, they came out the car, looked at her and just took off," Viera said.

Maria Prado

Images show the 44-year-old now on the road to recovery at Froedtert Hospital.

Maria Prado De Villanueva

"I'm very thankful that she is alive," said Maria Prado De Villanueva, Prado's twin sister.

Prado, who is hearing impaired and losing her vision, was apparently exercising when this incident happened.

"She possibly has a fractured pelvis, her left knee has several torn ligaments," said Prado De Villanueva.

Now, the family wants answers -- and justice.

Maria Prado

"If it was their relatives or their own family, they would also want justice. I feel like, at this time, the person should turn themselves in," said Prado De Villanueva.

As Prado heals in the hospital, loved ones say she is finding comfort in her family and faith.

"Praying to God that everything falls accordingly. She is a warrior," said Prado De Villanueva.

Milwaukee police say the vehicle they are seeking is a silver sedan -- possibly with front-end damage.