$5M cash bond for Shane Stanger, facing 200+ sex assault charges

A man authorities call a sexual predator is in the Racine County Jail. Shane Stanger faces more than 200 charges -- and authorities believe there could be additional victims.

Stanger's preliminary hearing, which was slated for Thursday, March 25, was moved to April 15. 

Shane Stanger

Shane Stanger

The judge hearing the case said Thursday the April hearing might change to an initial appearance based on the state's findings over the next three weeks. Right now, the Racine County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who knows Stanger to come forward.

Stanger, 46, faces the charges after a Rochester woman came forward saying she discovered videos of herself being sexually assaulted by Stanger -- an acquaintance. The victim told authorities she has no memory of the assaults.

Stanger faces 87 counts of second-degree sexual assault to an unconscious victim, possession of child pornography and 50 representations of nudity.

This, after an investigation into Stanger's computer and cellphone was launched. Authorities uncovered numerous videos showing assaults of the original victim, as well as videos of an assault to two other victims -- one adult and one juvenile. There were also "several" videos of victims showering or using the restroom, recorded without their permission. 

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said victims range in age from 10 to 40 years old.

"I received a referral for over 200 charges for him; I simply have not had the time to go through that," the prosecutor said in court.

Shane Stanger

The latest address for Stanger is Davenport, Iowa. Investigators believe he has been traveling between the two states, carrying out these assaults. 

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling commended the Rochester victim for having the courage to come forward and share her story.

"This individual, female adult, had a tremendous level of courage to come forward for something extremely personal, extraordinarily personal, but she decided to put that aside and come forward to do the right thing. And I’m so proud of her for doing that," Schmaling said.

In the meantime, those that live near Stanger's last known address in Iowa said they were startled by the charges.

Shane Stanger

Shane Stanger

"Knowing that’s something that may have happened in this house gives me really bad vibes," said Julia Lovell.

Sheriff Schmaling said Thursday that 24 hours after he held a press conference on this case, his office had already fielded calls related to it that investigators were following up on.

"This sick pervert needs to be held accountable," said Schmaling.

Cash bond for Stanger was set at $5 million.

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Two investigators with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office have been assigned to this case. They can be reached at 262-636-3175 or 262-886-8443. Phone calls will remain confidential.