Sexual assault victim tells painful story, hopes for justice

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are seeking the suspect in a sexual assault that occurred around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, September 16th near 6100 W. Lisbon. Meanwhile, the victim is telling a painful and terrifying story, in the hopes the suspect will be taken into custody, and she will receive some justice.

Police say in this incident, the suspect had been riding the same Milwaukee County Transit bus as the victim, spoke with her as they rode, and then exited the bus with her just prior to the assault.

Surveillance video shows the suspect on the bus. The woman’s face has been obscured to protect her identity.

The victim in this case spoke with FOX6 News Thursday, September 20th.

"He has destroyed so much of me. I don't want him to destroy someone else," the woman said.

The woman told FOX6 News her story is one she needed to share.

"We know that violence happens, but it's more surreal than it's ever been," the woman said.

The woman said she was taking the bus home after watching a movie at a friend's house. The woman said while she was waiting for the bus, the suspect approached her and began to talk.

Surveillance video shows the man enter the bus and have a conversation with someone on the bus. The victim is seen sitting in the back of the bus.

The video shows the suspect exiting the bus first, followed by the victim, moments later. As they walked down the street, the suspect was steps ahead of the woman.

"He turns around and he points a gun at my face, and he says 'come with me,'" the woman told FOX6 News.

At that point, the woman said the man threw himself on top of her -- a moment she described as filled with terror and confusion.

"I'm still crying.  I'm begging him to get off of me -- 'just let me go. I just want to get home to my kids.' He stops and he says 'alright, this is why I'm letting you go,'" the woman said.

The woman was able to run to safety. Now, she's hoping sharing her story will bring her justice.

"We all deserve justice. I'm not doing this for myself -- I'm doing this for my community. My story could possibly change a life, and I'm really hoping that it does," the woman said.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to contact Milwaukee police at (414)935-7405.

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