Several key positions at Marquette University unfilled

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As the search for a basketball coach goes on at Marquette University, a number of other key positions are also vacant. The school is in need of a president, a provost, an athletic director and more.

Janine Geske, the former State Supreme Court Justice and current law professor at Marquette, believes we'll get some clarity soon.

"The university has a number of interim people and openings and there is some urgency now to get some of these filled," said Geske. "So everybody can feel secure that the university is continuing to advance in the right direction, which I'm sure it will."

Arguably the biggest opening is that of the school's president. Right now, Father Wild is in the position on an interim basis. But Geske feels a decision is about to be made.

"In the next week or two, there's going to be an announcement of a new president. And I think that'll make people feel comfortable. I don't know who it is. But I think I'm satisfied that we'll have a great president," said Geske.

With that decision, Geske thinks Marquette will go in a very different direction that in the past.

"I suspect we'll have a lay president, not a Jesuit president. And that'll change things for people," said Geske.

Once in place, Geske feels the president will have a lot to do quickly.

"They're going to have to do a search for provost, which will take time, a search for an athletic director, which I suspect will take some time. And we have to get someone in admissions quickly," said Geske.

But once those hires are made, Geske does see another major thing happening.

"I think they need the new coach quickly, in part not to lose our recruits. And also to make sure we're headed, that program is in the right direction," said Geske.

Geske believes this will happen in the next ten to 14 days.