'Seeing a greater demand:' Metered parking enforcement resumes in City of Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE --  Metered parking enforcement resumed in the City of Milwaukee on Monday, June 15.  As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, there is a renewed demand for parking in Milwaukee.

Brian Deneve

"We're seeing a greater demand and need and interest, even from the business community, to resume parking enforcement to open up those spots," said Brian Deneve, Department of Public Works.

Enforcement was suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The city says that's because so many people were staying home at the time.

"Additionally, we also had businesses which had paused operations. So, why have to charge for parking spots when there weren't even businesses there to patronize the area," said Deneve.

Metered parking resumes June 15

With local spots back in business -- so are parking tickets. Companies rely on turnover in the metered spots.

"If someone parks there all day, it's really not good business and no new customers can come in. So, we've looked at this as a good opportunity to resume those. And, of course, the city does rely on that revenue as well for operations," said Deneve.

Alternate side parking and night parking permits are not going to be enforced just yet. The city says it will announce that at a later date.

Metered parking resumes June 15

Metered parking resumes June 15

The City of Milwaukee is encouraging residents to use the updated MKE Park app to pay. Contactless parking payments can promote the health and safety of both those paying for parking and the city’s parking employees by reducing physical interactions with parking meters.