"See Something, Say Something" campaign encourages public to be vigilant and alert

MILWAUKEE -- The recent events are a sad reality mass shootings can happen anywhere. Law enforcement across the country and back in Wisconsin, are reminding people if something doesn't seem right, let them know. Thursday, December 3rd Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn echoed that and gave some insight into local preparedness.

If You See Something, Say Something

They are the messages seen in PSAs that now carry more weight in light of tragedy.

"The important thing to recognize is these incidents can literally occur anywhere," said Chief Ed Flynn.

Since the deadly shootings in San Bernardino and at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, law enforcement is reminding people to be vigilant.

"We rely on the public to see suspicious conditions and we would simply say, 'apply that notion to the kinds of suspicious behavior that make you wonder what someone is up to,'" said Flynn.

Chief Ed Flynn

Flynn says in recent days, communication has been important -- especially with federal agencies.

"They've been giving us constant updates these last couple of days as more information has been derived from the investigation into this event," Flynn said.

Federal, state and local law enforcement work together developing security plans to prevent attacks and respond to them should they occur in what is known as the "Fusion Center" -- it's based at the MPD headquarters.

Fusion Center

"We share information, they vet federal intelligence for our use, so they can keep our officers aware of what the threat environment is," said Flynn.

A threat that remains, but one law enforcement is working to stop.

Milwaukee police

"What we need is a public that's able to be alert to suspicious events, but also we in the police have to recognize that we have to be properly trained and equipped to respond to these dynamic situations," Flynn said.

For more information about the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign in Wisconsin, CLICK HERE.