Second peregrine falcon egg laid at We Energies Valley Power Plant as nesting season gets underway

MILWAUKEE -- We Energies officials say a second peregrine falcon egg was laid on Tuesday morning, March 22nd at the "Valley Power Plant" in downtown Milwaukee, as the peregrine falcon nesting season gets underway.

Second peregrine falcon egg at We Energies Valley Power Plant


When the pesticide DDT was used in the 1950s and ‘60s, the chemicals passed through the food chain, causing eggshell thinning that led to loss of young in many raptor species, including peregrines.

During their recovery, about 20 percent of Wisconsin-born peregrine falcons have hatched in nesting boxes on We Energies' power plant chimneys.

There are six We Energies Power Plants where peregrine falcons nest:

    The parent falcons nesting at the Valley Power Plant this year are Hercules (male) -- back for his third year and an unbanded adult female. It is believed this is the same female that nested at the Valley Power Plant last year.

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