Schneider National reopens hub hit by Texas storm

GREEN BAY (AP) -- Wisconsin-based Schneider National Inc. says it has reopened its operating center near Dallas, one day after a tornado swept through the area and caused "massive damage" on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Schneider spokeswoman Erin Elliott says the center reopened Wednesday, April 4th. She says the facility is up and running, and that operations were slowed but returning to normal. No injuries were reported.

The tornado picked up several of the Green Bay trucking company's trailers and sent them sailing through the air. Many semis were tipped over or left strewn along highways and parking lots. Elliott says there was "massive damage."

Elliott says about 100 pieces of equipment sustained some level of destruction. She didn't have an estimated dollar figure for damage.

The National Weather Service said as many as a dozen twisters touched down.