"Scared me:" Mother paints message across her garage after incident with police, her son who has autism

HENDERSON, Nevada -- The mother of a man with autism is sending a clear message to police in Henderson, Nevada.

58-year-old Judy McKim said she painted the message: "Autistic man lives here - cops no excuses," across her garage after a scary altercation with officers.

"I had to let the neighbors know what goes on in this little house on the corner," McKim said.

According to a police report, a friend of McKim's called officers about a domestic disturbance inside McKim's home.

McKim said it was her 28-year-old son having an episode.

"Zach is non-verbal with an IQ of 17," McKim said. "A woman who has never seen an autistic rage called in domestic violence on my son and police officers came in very gung-ho," McKim said.

McKim said Zach wears a diaper and has a pacifier in his mouth most of the time.

"There were three police officers on my son's bed with their knees on his chest. That scared me," McKim said.

FOX5 got a hold of the police report. It says Zach was having "fits of rage" that lasted 20 minutes but that responding officers "never witnessed Zach hurt or hit anyone." The report never mentioned police physically interacting with Zach.

FOX5 also reached out to the Henderson Police Department about body camera footage, but Henderson officers do not wear those cameras.

A Henderson Police Department spokeswoman said they reached out to the McKims but the family has not filed a formal complaint with the department.