Sausage making is an art that few have perfected, but Vinny's Sausage come close

When's it comes to making artisan sausage, one local sausage maker has perfected his craft using no fillers, no preservatives and no MSG. Brian is in Brookfield at Vinny Sausage Company where his "wurst is the best."

Vino’s Cappuccino is an authentic Italian restaurant that serves up traditional pasta and delicious pizza made from scratch all while using the finest and freshest local ingredients. Brian is in Brookfield seeing how they incorporate a local sausage maker's meat into their pizza.

He’s a Green Bay Packer Hall Of Famer, the originator of The Lambeau Leap and now he has his own line of sausages. Leroy Butler is with Brian grilling up Game Day Brats and showing off some fun recipes for the family.