"Saturation media buy:" Walker presidential campaign to hit airwaves in big way

MILWAUKEE -- Iowa voters are soon going to be seeing a lot more of Gov. Scott Walker. But this time, it'll be over the airwaves.

Unintimidated PAC, the super PAC supporting Walker's presidential run, is planning to spend $7 million on an ad buy in Iowa. The ads will start running on Tuesday, September 8th -- and continue all the way through the state's caucus day.

"They want a saturation media buy that will then be consistent with all the other experiences. The voter has all those other experiences of news media coverage, telephone calls, coffees, direct contact," said Mordecai Lee, UWM Professor of Urban Planning. "I think they're hoping there will be this sort of harmony between paid media and the rest of the campaign. In other words, that he's omnipresent, he's everywhere."

Additionally, the group will be spending more than $9 million cumulatively in the states of New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. South Carolina will be taking the biggest piece of that pie. Ads will hit the airwaves there in early November. The other two states will see them in February.

A spokesman for Unintimidated PAC emailed FOX6 News the following statement:

"Republican voters looking for a conservative who not only fights but wins these battles even in the toughest circumstances will find their candidate in Gov. Walker, whose record of conservative accomplishments resonates in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and beyond."

Lee says the ad buys set Walker up to expand his campaign rapidly, should he fare well in the Iowa caucus.

"Going into New Hampshire, going into South Carolina, because there's no time to build name identification or to run commercials just in a week or two or three," said Lee.

Even though some polls have shown support dropping for Gov. Walker's presidential run, Prof. Lee says it is too premature to count him out of this contest.