Salvation Army's new 'DipJar' makes it easier to donate to the Red Kettle Campaign

GREENDALE -- The holiday season comes with an unmistakable sound. Holiday bell ringing raises money for those in need every year in southeastern Wisconsin. But this year, the Salvation Army is doing something it's never done before that could help them raise a whole lot more.

Red Kettle Campaign

The sound lets you know the holidays are here.

"Everybody knows the red kettle is a symbol of Christmas," said Marcy Stutzman, Milwaukee County Salvation Army.

But as festive as the season is, it's not joyful for everyone in Wisconsin.

"There's so many families in need in our community. The Salvation Army has over 80 programs that serve the community throughout the year," said Stutzman.

Marcy Stutzman

The Red Kettle Campaign proves a spare dollar or loose change can transform lives.

"We rely on the community to help us be able to help those most in need," said Stutzman.

But now there's another way to show your good will toward man. It's called the 'DipJar' and allows you to donate with a debit or credit card.

"So many of us don't carry change, don't carry dollars in our pockets anymore. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to give to help those most in need," said Stutzman.

The units are small and are preset to specific dollar amounts. Marcy Stutzman says the transactions are safe and transmit securely to the bank.

Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign DipJar

Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign DipJar

"Our readers don't actually store any of the information. It transmits it instantly and you will see it on your bank account statement," said Stutzman.

Milwaukee County has 15 DipJars running this year and expects to expand next Christmas.

Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign DipJar

If you would like to learn more about the DipJars and where you can donate, CLICK HERE.