Ryan, Zerban: Same race, very different schedules

JANESVILLE -- They are running for the same seat. But you would never know that looking at the schedules of Representative Paul Ryan (R - Wisconsin) and challenger Rob Zerban.

Saturday, spoke to a group of about 100 at the UAW hall in Ryan's hometown of Janesville. Zerban believes the national attention Ryan - and his budget - have garnered as a vice presidential candidate will help the challenger.

"This is a side of Paul Ryan they've never seen before," Zerban said, "And that's why voters are coming over to the Democratic side and saying 'this is not the guy I thought he was."

Zerban's campaign trail never leaves the first congressional district. Meanwhile, Ryan was embraced by much larger crowds in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida Saturday. Ryan spoke not about his bid for an eighth term in Congress, but rather, the effort to deny President Obama a second term.

"Three more days, three more days," Ryan said to supporters in Pennsylvania, "We cannot afford four more years, we can wait three more days."

Zerban's platform mirrors Obama's. To unseat Ryan, he has to make sure all of the president's supporters in the district remember his name too.

"People need to understand our democracy is really at stake in this election," Zerban said, "So please get out there, vote, exercise your right."