Runners gather in Brookfield for run/walk to remember Boston victims

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Runners gathered in Brookfield on Monday evening, April 22nd to show support for those killed and injured one week ago as two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon -- killing three and injuring nearly 200.

Fleet Feet Sports and Performance Running Outfitters hosted runs in support of the Boston Marathon victims.

The two events, "Runners for Boston," were held on Monday, April 22 at 6 p.m. Runners met and left from the stores.

"Runners for Boston is a fun run to bring all the runners together and show our support for those affected in Boston on Monday the 15th,"  Fleet Feet Sports wrote on their Facebook invitation.

"It`s so nice to have so many supportive people in Boston and here," Tammy Zyduck said.

Zyduck was running the Boston Marathon last week. She saw the smoke from the explosion one block away from the finish line.

"Within a few minutes where I was, was just in panic and chaos," Zyduck said.

Jim Finn finished the Boston Marathon long before the explosions. He never planned to do it again, but now, he says he is reconsidering.

"Runners are weird. We're a crazy bunch! My plan was just to do it one time, but I kind of feel like I want to go back," Finn said.

Runners say the supportive atmosphere at any big race is special -- and say it was heartbreaking to see that destroyed.

"I think what really hit me was realizing that it happened in the stands, and that`s, that`s where my family would have been and it really hit home," Anna Federspiel with Fleet Feet said.

Runners are passionate and they don`t give up and I think that just shows how strong we are, and that we can`t be put down," Jessica Hoepner with Performance Running Outfitters said.

Specialty running stores across the country participated in this event that was first organized by Independent Running Retailers Association, reported Runners World.

People were asked to wear their favorite race T-shirt or blue/yellow colors. "Runners for Boston" shirts were sold for $20 at both events. The proceeds will go to One Fund Boston.

Officials say over 500 people took part in the Brookfield run.