Rosati's worker fired over BLM mask cited for disorderly conduct

A pizza delivery driver says he was fired and then assaulted by his employer. The driver called police and he ended up with a ticket. He said he's now fighting the ticket and for an even bigger cause.

Patrick McVey

That driver says he was fired for wearing a mask with a Black Lives Matter logo, but he said what happened next shouldn't have happened. 

It's not how Patrick McVey planned for his shift to end -- without a job, and with a ticket from the police. The delivery driver was working as an independent contractor for Rosati's Pizza in Bay View until he said he was fired for refusing to take off his Black Lives Matter mask while on the job.

"As the owner here, I have a policy of no religion, no politics, no swearing," said the owner.

The two started to peacefully part ways until McVey followed the owner back into the restaurant to cash out for his shift.

"When we were walking in, I held up my phone and said, 'Thank John,'" said McVey. "That's when he lunged at me, and that's when we grabbed my phone and tried to spike it. He grabbed me by the shirt, pulled me, tried to push me out. I wasn't even in the doorway."

McVey called police, who, after taking a look at the video and speaking with both men, gave McVey a ticket for disorderly conduct. The owner also received a citation. 

"I wanted him arrested," said McVey. "I wanted to press charges. They didn't do that. They said there wasn't sufficient evidence."

In an email to FOX6 News, Milwaukee police said they are investigating, and that officers issued more than one citation.

"After peacefully saying, 'I'll go,' he shouldn't have put his hands on me," said McVey.

McVey said he plans to not only fight the ticket -- but for change -- supporting the cause he believes is more important than any job.

"I will fight tooth and nail to present light on this situation so that others that come after me don't have to fight so hard," said McVey.

McVey said he asked MPD's Internal Affairs Division to investigate, and plans to file a complaint with the Fire and Police Commission.