Robert Collins is on the run, US Marshals say 'he's making it way worse for himself'

MILWAUKEE -- He’s wanted for a violating of his federal supervised release, then at the start of the year--- he made his situation worse. Instead of surrendering, he decided to run!

"We actually had interaction with him in early January and he fled and got away on foot. And it’s a very unfortunate sequence of events. But he got away," the deputy US.. Marshal said.

U.S. Marshals are asking the community for any information on the whereabouts of Robert Collins. His original conviction was a weapons offense.

"In his address of record, agents found a firearm as well as some ammunition and heroin," the marshal said.

U.S. Marshals also learned how Collins gets from one place to the other.

"One thing Collins likes doing is, he has multiple girlfriends -- and he’ll use their vehicles and drive around and not tell others about it," the marshal explained.

Authorities say Collins has strong ties to the states of Indiana and Michigan. But they believe he’s hiding out between the city lines of Milwaukee and Butler.

"I spoke to several associates of Collins some have been forthcoming and some have provided false information," the marshal said.

U.S. Marshals say they are not backing down on their mission to capture him. They ask Collins to stop running and resolve his legal situation.

"Since he already fled from us once and unfortunately got away, I just know that he will flee and he’ll use any means necessary to evade arrest and he's not cooperating with the courts," the agent explained. "If I can tell him anything, I say turn yourself in. Otherwise it’s going to get worse off -- and he's making it way worse for himself."

If you have information that could help U.S. Marshals, you are urged to call 414-297-3707.