RNC 2024: Parade route, protest zones for demonstrators

There will be two spots for demonstrators on the outer perimeter for the Republican National Convention.

The city says they are prime locations, but protesters say they won't be stepping foot there.

Haymarket Square, just north of Fiserv Forum, is one of two protest zones designated by the Secret Service and the city.

Protesters say this is not within the sight and sound of Fiserv Forum, and they will be marching on a different route.

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Proposed parade route for demonstrators.

"The shared goal is for everyone to be able to express their views lawfully," said Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle.

It's a plan years in the making, allowing demonstrators and delegates to co-exist.

"Express yourself, this is what our constitution is based on, but we will not tolerate anything beyond that," said Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman.

The Secret Service unveiled two designated spots for protesters at the RNC.


RNC 2024: Security measures in Milwaukee laid out by Secret Service

The U.S. Secret Service and public safety partners in Milwaukee will hold a news conference to discuss the security measures that will be in place during the 2024 Republican National Convention.

One is on the south side of the convention at Zeidler Union Square. There will be a stage and a mapped-out route to march.

The other spot is just north of the arena at Haymarket Square.

"I would challenge anyone to find a place closer to there with sight lines looking directly at Fiserv Forum," said Nick Desiato, the Mayor's Chief of Staff.

"The proposed protest routes are completely unacceptable," said demonstrator Omar Flores.

Demonstrators with the Coalition to March on the 2024 RNC say they will not be using either route.

"The city has decided to completely ignore our asks, our demands and our first amendment rights," added Omar.

Omar Flores says the group has been planning a route closer to the RNC, one they've asked the city to accommodate since the convention was announced.

It would start at Red Arrow Park--heading north on water.

"If the city will not play ball with us, we simply take the ball and play ourselves," added Omar.

While demonstrators and event planners disagree on the plans, they both say peaceful protest is a top priority.

"Let me be clear, we will not tolerate any acts of violence," added Chief Norman.

The ACLU says it will continue with a federal lawsuit against the city, saying the plans are too restrictive for protesters.

Chief Norman says MPD wants to be invisible in all of this, meaning they don't want to have any clashes with protesters.

But he was clear, if people do break the law, they will be stopped.

The RNC is scheduled to play out from Monday, July 15 through Thursday, July 18.