Riders get their 110th Harley-Davidson gear before it's gone

THIENSVILLE (WITI) -- Harley-Davidson gear is flying off the shelves at area dealerships, as riders want to take a piece of the 110th celebration home with them.

"It's going to go fast and once it's gone, it's going to be gone. So you want to make sure you get it while you still can," says Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson merchandise representative Emily Vanlangen.

Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson purchased an extra $200,000 worth of merchandise for the anniversary week.

"For the 110th, we have decal stickers, we have belt buckles, and those pins that people put on their vests," says Vanlangen.

There are also clothes and toys for the kids.

"The Teddy Bears -- they only made 1,903 of those in the world, so people collect those and like to give them to their kids too," says Vanlangen.

The t-shirts have been the best sellers -- especially with the hot weather, but they also have 110th leather jackets for riding.

The turnout has been even bigger than what Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson anticipated.

"I have been here since the 100th anniversary and I think this has been way more than what we did then. It's been bigger. It's unbelievable," says Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson Motorclothes Manager Jeff Weber.

A lot of the merchandise sold will travel out of the greater Milwaukee area, as a map in the store has countless pins in it representing where all of its visitors came from.

"We have pretty much every state and then we have a lot of people from Mexico, different places in Europe, I saw Madagascar was on there, Australia, New Zealand," says Vanlangen.

Showing Harley pride around the world!