Residents in Boston have difficulty getting around after tragedy

BOSTON (WITI) -- Boylston Street remained a very active crime scene on Wednesday, April 17th following the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday that left three dead and nearly 150 injured.

Seven blocks of Boylston Street were blocked off and under police protection -- as military police stood guard in camo with armored vehicles. Meanwhile, forensic specialists in white body suits were scouring the scene, picking up every piece of debris they could find.

Every officer on the Boston police force is turning 12-hour shifts as officials work to keep the city safe.

For Boston residents, this is a new normal -- something they've never seen before, and getting from Point A to Point B has become difficult.

Nick Kitzer needed directions in his own city.

"A lot of the roads are blocked off. A lot of the businesses are hurting," Kitzer said.

Doctors have filled the Hilton Hotel for a surgery conference -- and even those doctors are being screened to come and go.

"The military police check our IDs and our hotel room keys," one doctor said.

For Jonathan Lynn, just getting to work served up a surprise.

"They let me go that way yesterday. I'm not sure why I have to go this way today," Lynn said.

FOX6's Brad Hicks spoke exclusively with Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. He said there is no time frame for the barricades to come down, but said even when they do, there will never be closure for the city of Boston.

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