Republicans at GOP Convention react to Paul Ryan's speech

TAMPA -- GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is set to address the Republican National Convention in Tampa Thursday night, August 30th -- one day after Romney's running mate, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan spoke to the crowd. Wisconsin Republicans reacted Thursday to Ryan's speech, on the day the GOP Convention is set to conclude.

The Tampa Bay Times says Ryan was "on the attack." Others criticized Ryan's speech for errors and omissions.

In Tampa, the Wisconsin delegation was still glowing Thursday following Ryan's official nomination for vice president, and his address to the Convention.

Ryan's speech brought Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to tears Wednesday night.

"I've got to tell you, there were moments when I cried. I know his story about his father. I saw his mother. I'm chocked up thinking about it right now. He wasn't reading a speech.  He's was telling his life story and his passion," Gov. Walker said.

It was also an emotional night for Gov. Walker's wife, Tonette, who saw Ryan's nomination as a vindication of the kind of conservative budget reforms that so bitterly divided Wisconsin for the last two years.

"For us as Republicans, we went through all of the recalls, and so we've worked hard to get where we're at. To lift that up and bring that to the national stage and possibly have America do what we've done in Wisconsin, of course we're emotional.  It's all those months of hard work," Tonette Walker said.

Of course, the Convention hall in Tampa is filled with like-minded partisans, but Ryan's speech clearly energized and excited the audience.

"Paul hit a home run. It shows he's a man of principle and courage. He tells you the truth, says what he's going to do and produces, and he's also one who says 'I'm not going to duck the tough issues,'" Wisconsin state Senator Alberta Darling said.

Ryan directly addressed one of his most controversial ideas -- the overhaul of Medicare, framing it as a generational struggle, saying his plan to pare it down in the present would ensure its existence in the future.

"The greatest threat to Medicare is Obamacare. And we're going to stop it," Ryan said.

Ryan spent his time on the stage weaving both the political and the personal.

"He was able to tie it all together. He did a wonderful job. Then, when you come out of this, you have Ann Romney, Chris Christie, Condoleeza Rice, then Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney's going to have a tough act to follow," Wisconsin candidate for U.S. Senate Tommy Thompson said.

Romney is expected to accept the Republican nomination for the presidency Thursday night, August 30th shortly after 9:00 p.m.

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