Republicans agree on $500 million more for Wisconsin schools

MADISON — The Republican-controlled Legislature's budget committee has approved increasing funding for Wisconsin's K-12 schools by $500 million over two years.

Democrats and Gov. Tony Evers said Thursday, May 23 that is not enough. Evers proposed a $1.4 billion increase.

The committee voted 11-4 along party lines to approve the $500 million increase, which includes nearly $100 million more for special education. Evers wanted to spend six times that much.

Republicans say this is the most the state can afford and it is their best offer. Evers says it is inadequate and he is optimistic he can work with Republicans to get more money.

In the last budget, schools received a $639 million increase. The battle over education funding is one of the central fights of the state budget, along with Medicaid expansion and transportation funding.

Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Keith Posley threw his support behind Evers' $1.4 billion proposal.

"The revenue limit has not kept pace with inflation," said Posley.