Records show Sussex man accused of recording girl bought home near park

SUSSEX -- A Sussex man accused of recording a young girl in his home was released on $2,500 cash bond -- facing 10 counts of possession of child pornography and one count of capturing an intimate representation (victim under 18). Where he's living has neighbors livid.

Shawn Gregg

Shawn Gregg, 46, was charged April 10 in connection with a sheriff's investigation that started in November 2018 when a 12-year-old girl spotted a blinking light from a camera on a closet floor in a bathroom at Gregg's apartment on Maple Avenue in Sussex.


A month before he was charged, property records show he purchased a home off Champeny Road -- a stone's throw from a neighborhood park.

"Buying a house next to a park -- that's concerning," said Michelle Schultz, neighbor. "It's the most secluded park in the village, and he bought a house next to it?"

The Waukesha County district attorney and Waukesha County sheriff's officials were not available to speak about the case on Tuesday, April 23, but court documents showed a search of Gregg's laptop revealed images believed to be child porn. Since Gregg's initial appearance in court on April 17 and his subsequent release on $2,500 cash bond with GPS monitoring, residents said the case had become the talk of the neighborhood.

Grogan Park

"I started getting one text after another," said Rita Hahn, Neighborhood Watch captain. "I just don't understand how people didn't let us know. Now parents are afraid to send children to Grogan Park. This whole neighborhood used to, you know?"

Gregg has not been convicted and there's nothing that's legally preventing him from living in the home -- and he's allowed the opportunity for a judge to set cash bond.


"I know. You got me on that one. All my people on my street and other streets and the people I take care of, the little girls I take care of, their whole families -- everybody's concerned about this," said Hahn.

No one was home when FOX6 News stopped by Gregg's home on Tuesday, and messages to his attorney were not returned.

He's due in court on April 30.