Recognize them? Sheboygan PD seeking 3 men wanted for hotel game room theft

SHEBOYGAN -- The Sheboygan Police Department is seeking the public's help to locate three men wanted for a hotel game room theft. The theft happened on Sunday, April 14.

According to officials, the three men walked into the EconoLodge Hotel lobby and proceeded to the game room. The suspects used a coat hanger to pry open a video game and stole the change container inside. They attempted to do the same thing on another machine, but they were unsuccessful.

After the theft, the suspects left in a red minivan. The make or model is unknown. A pamphlet from VOLO CARS in Chicago was left behind by the suspects.

Based on their actions during the theft, it is believed the suspects have committed similar thefts elsewhere, and may be from the Chicago area. The suspects are described as follows:

    Anyone with information regarding the theft is encouraged to call Sheboygan Police at 920-459-3333.