'Real step forward:' Wisconsin Center gets back to work, preparations begin for DNC

MILWAUKEE -- Employees at the Wisconsin Center are waiting in line to go to work. It's the first time they've been at the office in more than three months.

"It was very strange being in the office and not seeing anyone over the course of the day, that will change today," CEO Marty Brooks said.

The office has changed quite a bit since March.

"How are you feeling today? Are you feverish, dry cough, shortness of breath?"

Employees now have to go through a health screening. The other thing that's changed – the facility's role in the DNC. It was announced last week the convention will primarily be held at the Wisconsin Center.

Marty Brooks

"The city has relaxed some of their restrictions. We felt that it was appropriate now to start bringing back the staff so that by the end of July/first part of August we're up and fully able to support the DNC," Brooks said.

The deep-cleaning has already begun. Housekeeping staff will spend the next few weeks cleaning every inch of the building.

"Having people come back into the office is a real step forward for us in getting our business back and open to the public," Brooks said.

Cleaning at Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Center is still working with DNC officials to decide what protocols will be in place for the convention.