Rage Room MKE: Smash away the stress of 2020 'in a safe space'

Between the coronavirus pandemic and the election, a lot of us are carrying extra stress in 2020. That's where a Butler business steps in, helping customers quite literally smash that stress away.

The pandemic has also made it harder for people to relieve their stress, with gyms, bars and other places first closed, and then limiting access. Now, with your imagination and maybe a baseball bat, satisfaction's just a swing away.

On the outside, it's unassuming but tucked inside the Green Up Solutions building in Butler, those at Rage Room MKE are breaking all the rules, and having fun doing it.

Patrick Nienow

"All your life, you're told, 'Don't break stuff. Don't throw things.' Then, all of a sudden, you're able to do that, so I think there's definitely a big fun aspect to it," said Patrick Nienow, chief smashing officer. 

In a year defined by stress, Nienow said the Rage Room, which opened in February, can provide all the mental, physical and emotional release you need.

Rage Room MKE

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"There's definitely some type of therapy that you can get out of being able to just get all that anger out in a constructive way, in a safe area, safe space that's meant for it," said Nienow.

Here's how it works: With an appointment -- you show up, and they supply the rest -- with COVID-19 precautions in place. First, you suit up in safety gear, such as some old-school police helmets, safety glasses and coveralls. Then, you pick your targets, which include a lot of glass, old electronics and even the kitchen sink if you'd like.

Rage Room MKE

Once one person is locked inside, it's go time, and the results are more than just shards of glass.

"I've seen people go in kind of timid, and by the end of it, they, like I said, it's just a weight lifted off their shoulders," said Nienow.

Even better -- it's green -- helping extend the life of some of these items, which are then easier to get rid of or recycle when possible.

Rage Room MKE

You must be at least 16 years old to "rage." If you're interested in an appointment -- or more information on how they sanitize amid the pandemic head to their website.