Racine, points to south of Milw. hit hard by New Year's snowfall

RACINE (WITI) -- Snow was falling in southeastern Wisconsin on New Year's Day -- and the snowfall, combined with lake effect snowfall, left several inches of new snowfall on the ground. The snow was expected to continue through Thursday evening, January 2nd -- and by the time everything is said and done, we could have a total of six to nine (or more) new inches of snow for Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties.

Amy Delap was busy clearing snow from the driveway of her Racine County home on Wednesday -- but she also took a few moments to observe the beauty of the snow.

"It sure is pretty though isn't it?  It's nice to take a moment and admire it.  I walk home from work.  I was looking at it last night.  It's really pretty peaceful.  Big fluffy flakes and everything," Delap said.

The flakes had been falling for hours on New Year's Day -- beginning on New Year's Eve.

"It seems like it's been snowing for days, doesn't it?" Delap said.

Delap is a life-long Racine resident, so she is used to lake effect snowstorms that involve more snow in concentrated areas, poor visibility and rough driving conditions.

"This lake effect is really kicking my butt," Shane DeLeon said.

DeLeon works for Dreamscape Lawn Care, and he reported Wednesday that the snowfall is proving difficult to keep up with.

"We usually try to get all the big stuff away first.  Then we'll come back later on with our salt trucks. The slush is a little harder to move around.  It's harder to keep the parking lot clean with all this coming down," DeLeon said.

As for drivers, FOX6 News crews spotted several vehicles spun out along I-94 Wednesday.

"I'm very sick of (the snow.) I've had enough," DeLeon said.

A Lake Effect Snow Warning was in effect for Milwaukee and Racine counties Wednesday, and could run through Thursday afternoon.