Racine Co. Sheriff demonstrates body cams to promote transparency

The Racine County sheriff's office is demonstrating current body camera technology in place and introducing new virtual de-escalation training in an effort to provide transparency with the community.

"We need more training in law enforcement," Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said.

Sheriff Schmaling is showcasing current body camera technology the department uses as unrest continues throughout several communities nationwide. 

"The minute I take my weapon out of the holster the camera automatically turns on," he said.

While the body camera technology has been in the department for quite some time, Schmaling unveiled a new virtual de-escalation training he hopes to invest in. 

"This is the best way to take a brand new deputy sheriff who has zero experience and give that person some experience before they hit the streets and encounter real-life situations," he said.

The virtual training offers law enforcement to experience what's going through someone's mind when dealing with schizophrenia, autism or is suicidal. Then the officer goes through options on how to handle it. 

"It gives you the feeling as you are there. and to have those options in a slow and controlled environment and stop and go 'okay, I do have other options here?'" he said.

virtual training racine

Schmaling is showcasing the proactive steps the department has taken to provide transparency with the community in hopes to rebuild a level of trust. He plans to speak with the Racine County board regarding the virtual de-escalation training next week.

Officials react to decision not to charge Mensah in Cole shooting

Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah will not face charges in the February shooting death of Alvin Cole, 17, outside Mayfair Mall, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced Wednesday, Oct. 7, ruling Mensah's third fatal shooting in five years justified.