Race for county executive: Chris Larson says Chris Abele ad is misleading, and he wants it pulled

MILWAUKEE -- Chris Larson says Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's latest political ad is misleading, and he wants it pulled.

The Abele ad refers to Larson as taking money from "special interests" and "Wall Street."

Larson says the donor he is referencing is Kevin Flaherty -- a man Larson calls an activist on LGBT issues.

Flaherty also worked for Associated Bank.

Larson showed a picture of Abele signing domestic benefits legislation with Flaherty right behind him.

"This is the person that Chris Abele is trying to attack, who he says is a plague in our community and somebody that should be attacked -- somebody he was happy enough to have stand over his shoulder at a press conference," Larson said.

"The donations he took is a matter of public record. As I always say, we are accountable not for just part of what we do -- we are accountable for all the decisions we make," Abele said.

Besides asking for the ad to be pulled, Larson said Abele should apologize to Flaherty.