Questions raised about meetings by Milwaukee Co. Board members

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A complaint against members of the Milwaukee County Board claims members had secret illegal meetings behind closed doors.

The complaint stems from a controversial vote taken to fire the county's lead attorney. It says 13 members of the board met privately and agreed to oust the county's corporation counsel. But one supervisor says it is a violation of the opening meetings law and she's calling out her colleagues.

"The public should be infuriated that decisions are being made without debate," said County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. "The County Board needs to know that what they’re doing is not okay. They can’t operate covertly like this."

Supervisor Alexander, along with the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty are seeking legal action.

"They’re doing things behind closed doors, they’re purposely trying to hide their actions from the public and that’s not right," said Alexander.

"It’s illegal, you can’t do it and we’ve called them on it," said Rick Esenberg, President for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. "I think it says they don’t understand or don’t care about the open meetings law."

But County Supervisor John Weishan says that's simply not the case. He says no laws were ever broken and no secret meetings were ever held.

"The truth is the county board lived up to its obligations and it followed all of the legal requirements and procedures that are required by the county board," said Weishan.

That said, Supervisor Alexander is standing firm. She says she will not let this issue die.

"I will take this as far as it needs to go to make sure this is addressed," said Alexander.

The complaint currently sits with the district attorney, if he does not decide to take it up. Supervisor Alexander says she will file action in the circuit court.