Public celebrations for Holy Week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter are canceled

MILWAUKEE -- The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has canceled all public celebrations for Holy Week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter -- in all parishes.

Archbishop Jerome Listecki issued the following statement on the Archdiocese website:

"I will celebrate both days from the Cathedral and those services will be live-streamed. The modifications in the liturgical celebrations decreed by the Vatican will be observed. Instructions for accessing the live-stream will be posted. I will also offer the celebration of the Easter Vigil, as accommodated in the same Vatican decree, from the Cathedral. That Mass will be live-streamed.

"The baptisms of the Elect and the receptions into full communion across the archdiocese are postponed until a later diocesan-wide, common date. Please notify those in your RCIA of this news with the assurances that it is not a cancelation but rather a postponement.

"As beautiful and moving as it is, I must also request the cancelation of the celebration of the Via Crucis, due to the large numbers who gather for it.

"I will celebrate Easter Mass at the Cathedral and that Mass will either be live-streamed or broadcast over network television. Bishop Schuerman will also offer the Easter Mass from the Cathedral, in Spanish, and I will also be present for that. More information about these celebrations will be forthcoming.

"Confirmations and First Communions are now postponed until the health crisis has passed. At that time, instructions will be provided for scheduling. Catechetical materials will be posted to assist parents in talking about this with their candidates and first communicants. For priests who have requested / would be requesting delegation to confirm already-baptized Catholics, that delegation is issued for a specific date. When the health crisis passes, you will need to request delegation when you have scheduled the new Confirmation date."