Protesters, supporters catch glimpse of President

MILWAUKEE -- At least 200 people gathered across the street from the west gate of Master Lock hoping to see President Barack Obama.

One woman was dressed in an Obama sweatshirt and hat wearing a watch with a picture of the president and first lady.

For Carolyn Boyd, the president's visit was a dream come true. "I think this is great for the community and great for the city and state of Wisconsin. I am just so excited about it," said Boyd.

Others gathered held signs asking him to more on issues including environmental protection, jobs and foreclosure.

For Maria Rodriguez, immigration reform was top of mind. She spoke to FOX6 News through an interpreter. "She's here representing her husband who's lived in this country for 23 years. He was recently deported. He had no path to citizenship so he was not able to stay in this country."

Whether the people gathered represented a specific issue or not, all of them wanted a glimpse of their Commander in Chief -- and they got it.