Prosecutors: West Bend dad faces 5th OWI after abandoning overdosing son in vehicle

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- A Washington County highway worker noticed a crash and pulled over to help. But the driver, authorities said, was nowhere to be found -- and he left behind something invaluable.

Ted Kugler

"You never know what you're going to run into," said Ted Kugler

A Washington County highway foreman, Kugler knows when something on the road just isn't right.

"I was going up (Interstate) 41 northbound and came across where a vehicle hit our cable guard," Kugler said.

When he stopped early Tuesday morning, his instincts were confirmed. Something was missing.

"There was no driver," said Kugler. "The passenger was passed out on the passenger side, buckled (in)."

He called for help.

"The fact scenario surrounding this thing, they are as sad as they are disturbing," said Washington County Sheriff Martin Schulteis.

Sheriff Schulteis said deputies administered two doses of Narcan to rescue the passenger -- Jordan Oksiuta, 24.

Jordan Oksiuta

Michael Oksiuta

As for tracking the driver, deputies arrested 48-year-old Michael Oksiuta of West Bend who said he left his son behind after the crash to "get help." Authorities said he had numerous indicators of drug impairment and was arrested.

Martin Schulteis

"We usually see it affecting a family, not direct family members," Schulteis said.

Authorities said Kugler's quick thinking possibly saved lives.

"If it was any one of our guys, they would have stopped and taken care of it just like I would have," said Kugler.

Authorities said Michael Oksiuta was around three-quarters of a mile away from the crash when deputies found him. He's facing his fifth OWI offense. His son, Jordan, is facing drug and bail jumping charges.

Details of the criminal complaint

According to a criminal complaint, Jordan's vehicle, driven by Michael, became disabled after a crash on I-41 northbound, north of Highway 33 in the Town of Addison around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. First responders found the vehicle with heavy front-end damage -- Jordan slumped forward in the passenger seat. Additionally, there were fresh footprints leading from the driver's side door, headed northbound on the interstate. There was no driver in sight.

First responders were initially unable to wake Jordan, but he eventually opened his eyes and said, "What's up?" Investigators noticed his pupils were very constricted and did not react to light. When asked what happened, Jordan said he was sleeping, and, "Do I have to tell you?" Jordan was advised that they wanted to make sure rescue officials treated him properly but responded that he, "Pled the fifth." Investigators recognized his behavior as "on the nod" from narcotic drug use and administered Narcan, at which point Jordan sat straight up and was able to maintain a conversation. He indicated his father was driving, the complaint said.

Investigators found "chore boy" in the vehicle, which is used to assist with the injection of crack cocaine, along with suspected crack cocaine, and white residue on a razor blade that tested positive for cocaine, the complaint said.

After following the footprints, investigators found Jordan's father on the shoulder of I-41. Michael indicated he hit something and his vehicle became disabled, so he went to look for help. Investigators noted he appeared to be under the influence of something, and he indicated he hadn't snorted heroin in approximately a week. Field sobriety testing revealed Michael's ability to drive was impaired, the complaint said. A breathalyzer revealed he was not impaired by alcohol. He was taken to the hospital and was noted to be "on the nod," en route. At the hospital, he nearly fell off a bench. A blood draw was taken.

History of run-ins with the law

Prosecutors said Michael has four prior OWI convictions, and Jordan has two pending cases -- so Tuesday's incident violated bond. In addition to the felony OWI charge, Michael received three citations for the incident Tuesday for failure to notify police of an accident, hit-and-run, property adjacent to the highway, and operating left of center.

Michael's prior OWI cases were filed in December 2005 (fourth), February 2005 (third), and April 2002 (second). He pleaded no contest to each charge. For his fourth offense, a misdemeanor, he received 160 days (more than five months) in jail with Huber release, and his license was revoked for 36 months. For his third, he was sentenced to four months in jail with Huber release, he was ordered to use an ignition interlock device for two years, and his license was revoked for 27 months. For his second, he received 25 days in jail with Huber release, and his license was revoked for 16 months.

As for Jordan, the misdemeanor disorderly conduct/domestic abuse and misdemeanor bail jumping charges were filed Monday, Feb. 17. Cash bond was signed that day and posted the next, online court records showed. A hearing was scheduled for March 11.

In March 2019, Jordan Oksiuta was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cocaine out of Washington County. In November, he received a deferred prosecution agreement/sentence and a hearing was set for May 20, 2020.