Prosecutors, neighbors stunned by crimes allegedly committed by teens

SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- Two 13-year-old boys are accused of killing a 78-year-old woman in Sheboygan Falls. One had been in some juvenile trouble in the past; the other had never been in custody before.

A neighbor of Antonio Barbeau says she had no clue the polite, young teen would ever be accused of such a horrific crime.

"He was always coming and going. He's 13. Did 13-year-old stuff, skateboards, riding his bike, having his friends," said Patty Helmer.

Sheboygan Co. District Attorney Joe DeCecco says Barbeau walked away from a non-secure juvenile shelter before the murder of his great-grandmother. After the crime, DeCecco says Barbeau came back to that same facility and turned himself in for the escape -- but never said anything about the murder.

Barbeau's lawyer described the boy this way: "He's 13. He's very immature for his age. I've already been talking with family members. He did voluntarily turn himself in," said George Limbeck, Barbeau's lawyer.

As far as the other 13-year-old boy in this case, Nathan Paape has no record. He and Barbeau were just friends.

"He's lived in Sheboygan County his whole life. He is in the eighth grade. This is the first time in custody," said June Spoerl, Paape's lawyer.

D.A. DeCecco says neither boy has shown remorse. Both are instead matter of fact about the crime.

Juvenile officials tell FOX6 News, because of the age, any juvenile record for Barbeau could not be released. At this time, we do not know why Barbeau was in a juvenile shelter in the first place.

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