Prosecutors: Man depressed over addiction 'to slot machines' admitted to robbing bank in Kenosha

KENOSHA -- Prosecutors said a Kenosha man admitted to robbing Educators Credit Union on July 9, depressed over his gambling addiction and his financial situation. According to prosecutors, heroin was found on him when he was arrested, with help from a Crimestoppers tip after police released surveillance photos to the media.

Jarry Little, 32, faces the following charges:

    The bank robbery happened at Educators Credit Union on Green Bay Road near 45th Street around 11:45 a.m. on July 9.

    Kenosha police seek man who robbed Educators Credit Union

    Surveillance video showed the robber wearing a royal blue Brewers hat, sunglasses, a white T-shirt, gray jogger sweatpants with a white Nike logo, and blue and black Nike shoes with white soles. He had braids/dreadlocks and a full beard. Surveillance photos were shared by FOX6 News, as police looked to identify this man.

    According to the criminal complaint, on July 9, a teller said the man approached her window and slid her a note that read," Give me the money. No dye pack. I have a gun. Give the note back." She said she put money into a stack and handed it to the man. Law enforcement was contacted, and it was determined more than $2,200 was taken.

    The surveillance cameras captured the man's vehicle, a 2006 silver Toyota Camry, which had a distinct imperfection on the rear bumper.

    A tipster provided information through Crimestoppers, and indicated she believed the robber was Jarry Little -- who was wanted for burglary in Illinois. It was determined Little's mother was the registered owner of the vehicle that was at Educators Credit Union that day.

    That vehicle was found in the driveway of a home on Sheridan Road in Kenosha on July 11.

    A traffic stop was conducted on 35th Street near Sheridan Road. A wig with black braids was found on the floor of the vehicle. In the center console, investigators found the note handed to the teller during the robbery, the complaint said.

    Little's mother told investigators her son wasn't living with her, but indicated he was staying in a room at her home. She said he was supposed to be moving out because he was suicidal and abusing prescription medication. She also indicated her son was a drug dealer, the complaint said.

    She said she allowed her son to use her vehicle on the day of the robbery, and he failed to pick her up from work. The next day, July 10, she indicated Little was gambling at Shenanigan's on Sheridan Road -- which was captured by surveillance cameras.

    While the traffic stop was being conducted, surveillance was being conducted on Little's mother's home, and Little was observed exiting from a basement cellar door. He was soon taken into custody.

    The complaint said a baggie containing heroin was found on him, weighing 1.5 grams.

    A search of the home revealed a Glock gun case with two magazines, ammunition, two black wigs and wig packaging, and a baggie containing an unknown white powdery substance.

    According to the complaint, Little told investigators he has a bad gambling habit and he's "addicted to slot machines." He said he "started taking Percocets to calm him down after losing all his money," which he then got hooked on, along with heroin. He said he was depressed over his gambling addiction, and sought help. He said he thought he was going to do OK, but didn't.

    He said about two weeks before the robbery, he lost $1,500 playing slots and was broke. He said he needed money to get his license back so his vehicle could be insured, and for work needed on the vehicle. On the day of the robbery, he said he was supposed to take his mother's vehicle for an emissions test, but instead went home and "his mind began racing because of his financial situation." He said he started searching for banks and found Educators Credit Union, and decided to rob it. The next day, July 10, he said he was upset with his brother, so "he spiraled, and started gambling" with the robbery proceeds. On July 11, he said he noticed undercover police by the house and suspected they were coming to get him for the robbery. He said he tried to get away. When shown a surveillance photo from the robbery, the complaint said Little confirmed it was him.

    Little made his initial appearance in court on Tuesday, July 16. Cash bond was set at $100,000, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 25.