Prosecutors: Man attacked security guard, woman head-butted officer after fights at Kenosha bar

KENOSHA -- A Kenosha man and an Illinois woman are facing charges in connection with separate incidents at a Kenosha bar early Saturday, July 13.

Tevin Hoskins, 24, of Kenosha, faces the following charges:

    According to a criminal complaint, police were called out to the Red Zone Sports Bar & Grill on Sheridan Road near 49th Street on Saturday morning, July 13, for a fight between a couple.

    The complaint described a "chaotic scene" at the bar, with people in the roadway and parking lot "yelling, screaming, and being disorderly."

    Investigators spoke with a security guard, 52, who said he was pepper sprayed, and "had his teeth knocked out."

    According to the complaint, when asked who did this, the security guard told the bar owner, "You know who did this. Those are your boys." The owner responded, "That's on them then." The security guard stated, "That's fine. It's all on video anyway." The owner replied, "That's if there's any video left."

    Another security guard said the person responsible was in the parking lot, and the security guard who was pepper sprayed identified him. The security guard indicatd there was another person responsible who took off from the scene. It was later determined there was a third person involved as well.

    The security guard said just prior to police being called, a fight broke out in the bar involving approximately five people. Security guards attempted to break it up. The victim said he was face-to-face with the man who was the main aggressor, later identified as Hoskins, who he was trying to push out of the bar. The security guard said a second man was yelling, "Get off my brother."

    The security guards got three men outside, when all three began to punch the victim.

    At the hospital, the security guard was treated for the pepper spraying, and he was evaluated for a concussion, injuries to his knees, and damage to his mouth. He said Hoskins was the one who punched him in the face and caused him to lose his teeth. He noted he knew the three attackers from prior contacts at the bar, but did not know their names. He did mention they were friends of the owner.

    The complaint said police had difficulty with the bar owner when they sought access to the surveillance video, with the owner telling officers they could come back "tomorrow at some point," because there was a crowd in the bar. He eventually allowed them in after a 15-minute delay.

    The video showed a security guard outside, looking into the bar and motioning to the owner. Then, the security guard opened the door and a rush of people came out. The video showed a man who appeared upset, pushing away everyone who tried to talk with him, including the owner. A second man came out and appeared upset. He was pushed back by security, and then got into an argument with several people who tried to get him to leave the area. He was later identified as Hoskins.

    Hoskins suffered an injury to his his finger and appeared to have pepper spray injuries. The finger injury required stitches. He said he was at the bar with his brother and a cousin. He claimed he fell and hurt his finger, but the complaint said he changed his story -- indicating he had been jumped by three people and he was defending himself. He denied punching any security guards.

    The complaint said when notified he would be going to jail. Hoskins became uncooperative, and he was uncooperative with jail staff as well.

    Hoskins made his initial appearance in court on Monday, July 15. A $1,000 signature bond was set, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Aug. 1.

    A woman was also arrested after prosecutors said she was found attempting to fight security at the bar on Saturday morning.

    Robin Tennin, 32, of Waukegan, Illinois faces the following charges:

      The criminal complaint said as officers responded to the bar, Tennin attempted to strike security and was yelling profanities. An officer intervened, but the complaint said Tennin continued to act aggressively, and was told she would be placed under arrest.

      At this point, the complaint said Tennin refused to put her hands behind her back, and tried pulling away from the officer.

      The officer and others took her to the ground and she continued resisting, but she was eventually detained. When officers tried to place her in a squad, the complaint said she continued to fight them -- head-butting an officer in the face.

      She also made her initial appearance in court on Monday. A $1,000 signature bond was set, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Aug. 1.

      On Monday night, July 15, the Kenosha Common Council voted 8-6 to approve a cabaret license for Red Zone.