Prosecutors: 3 charged after fight at graduation party that left victim with 'severe injuries'

GREENFIELD -- Three men, two from Wisconsin and a third from Michigan, face criminal charges associated with the attack on a man at a Greenfield residence on Sunday, June 9 -- during a graduation party.

The accused are Damen Baldwin of Watersmeet, Michigan, 22; Alex McGeshick of Crandon, 21; and Craig McGeshick of Milwaukee, 22. Each of the three men faces the following charges:

    According to the criminal complaint, the victim attended a graduation party with his wife and wife's family, including the three defendants. At some point, the complaint indicated the McGeshick brothers "began physically fighting in the driveway." The victim "attempted to break up the fight, and both brothers turned on him. Both brothers began punching him in the face until he fell to the ground, and then both kicked him in the face and head repeatedly as he tried to cover up and crawl away." The complaint said Baldwin, a cousin, "joined in by grabbing and kicking (the victim)."

    The victim told police he suffered "severe injuries to his face, including an eye swollen shut, a badly broken nose...and a fractured orbital bone."

    The complaint indicated all three defendants ran from the scene when police responded to the scene. Only Baldwin was caught.

    The officer on the scene had apparently been at the residence 30 minutes earlier, "responding to neighbor complaints of loud arguing."

    When Baldwin was questioned by police, he "admitted his involvement in the attack." Baldwin said it stemmed from animosity toward the victim, and when he "saw (the brothers) fighting, he grabbed (the victim) to pull him to the ground because he wanted to help his cousins. Baldwin claimed that 'only one punch' was thrown and then it 'turned into a wrestling match.'"

    Baldwin made his initial appearance in court on June 14. Cash bond was set at $2,800 and a preliminary hearing was set for June 26.

    Arrest warrants were issued for Alex and Craig McGeshick.