Professional matchmaker has the scoop on 'cuffing' season

The plus one pressure is hitting earlier this year. Local professional matchmaker Erika Kybartas from It's Just Lunch Milwaukee joins FOX6 WakeUp with the scoop on why cuffing season is starting sooner. 

Q: What is 'cuffing season,' and why is it happening earlier this year?

  • The term 'cuffing season' has been around for a while!
  • It`s short for 'handcuffing,' because you`re essentially 'tying' yourself to another person through the winter months.
  • Thanksgiving through Valentine`s Day is basically the time of year when everybody wants to couple up -- and it`s typically one of our busiest times of year at It`s Just Lunch.
  • This year, however, because of the pandemic and quarantining, many singles have reached their breaking point with isolation. • They`re bored and lonely, so they`re looking to connect with others.
  • So instead of waiting until November to find someone to spend those winter months with, they`re looking for a partner now.

Q: Is the pandemic affecting the types of relationships people are looking for during 'cuffing season'?

  • Traditionally, cuffing season wasn`t necessarily about finding a serious relationship. It was more about finding a cuddle buddy.
  • But now, singles are really interested in finding love and making a connection with someone.
  • I`m seeing more people investing in themselves and committing to finding the right partner because they don`t want to be alone.
  • And thanks to virtual dating, singles are being more authentic with each other because they`re doing it in a more private setting and without distractions.
  • It`s leading to deeper and stronger emotional connections.

Q: What advice do you have for singles looking for love right now?

A: Be Honest

  • First -- be honest about what you`re looking for!
  • Whether you`re looking for a short-term relationship or something long-term, make sure your intentions are known.
  • If the other person wants something more or less, you`re giving them a chance to move on before things begin.

A: Be True to You

  • And of course, always be true to you.
  • Especially during the pandemic, you should do what`s most comfortable for you and your date.
  • Be vulnerable and willing to share if you have any reservations or are uncomfortable with meeting in-person or anything else that doesn`t feel safe to you right now.

Q: How do you know if your 'cuffing season' relationship has staying power?

  • Research shows that couples who make it at least three months are more likely to stay together.
  • So, daters who are in relationships just to have short-term fun usually avoid making long-term plans.
  • If you`re both making consistent and immediate future plans to see each other and you`re putting effort into discovering what each other likes and dislikes, it`s a good sign your relationship could last.