Prices for flights to Texas to watch Badgers going up by the minute

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Bo Ryan and the Wisconsin Badgers have logged thousands of miles this season, and they are about to rack up a few more with a trip to Texas to play in the NCAA Tournament's Final Four! The Badgers had a large contingent of fans cheering them on when they played in Milwaukee earlier this month -- and with the Final Four in Texas -- there is some question over whether they'll have a big fan base there on Saturday.

The Badgers face Kentucky on Saturday, April 5th inside AT&T Stadium. Tipoff is set for 7:49 p.m.

With such a large venue, tickets are plentiful -- but the challenge may be getting a flight to Dallas -- let alone a cheap one!

Fox World Travel says they are working with fans looking to head to Texas to see the big game.

"As soon as they made it, we knew we would be getting calls right away. There are die-hards that are going to travel with this team," Rose Gray, the Manager of Business Development for Vacation Sales at Fox World Travel said.

Fox World Travel handles a lot of sports packages -- including past Rose Bowl trips, but this time around, there are fewer packaged deals. Instead, Fox World Travel has been focusing more on helping fans find flights to Dallas.

"The key to getting good airfare is going to be flexibility. If you want to go in, let's say Friday or even Saturday morning and come home Tuesday after the Monday night game -- you are going to pay a premium," Gray said.

Gray says fans should expect round-trip tickets to start at $700 and go up from there. She says fans who want to go should book quickly -- as prices are just going to continue to go up.

Fans looking to take a road trip to Texas are in for an over 1,000-mile trip from Milwaukee to Dallas -- a little more than 15 hours if driven non-stop.

Fans thinking about this option must factor in gas money, lodging, food/drink -- and then of course, a game ticket!

Connections Ticket Service in Milwaukee says the cost of Saturday's game is "not as bad as you might think."

"Tickets for just Saturday are starting as low as $300 -- believe it or not. It's not going to be a great seat, obviously, but that is a very affordable price to be a part of history," Mike Holzberger with Connections Ticket Service said.

If you want to be a part of history and have good seats -- it will cost you!

"If you want a seat that even equates to the last row of the Bradley Center, it's going to be over $1,000," Holzberger said.