Price of gas reaches an all-time high in metro-Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- The price of unleaded gasoline in metro-Milwaukee has hit an all-time high!

The phrase "pain at the pump" has never been more accurate in Milwaukee. Monday, March 26th, AAA reported the average Brew City gas price hit $4.20 per gallon, breaking the all-time record high.

For Marquette University student John Dobleman, it means more than cutting from his entertainment budget. The Nebraska native has to eliminate entire trips home to afford his gasoline bill.

A AAA spokesman says ongoing issues with east coast refineries are leading to a shortage in supply, which is having a ripple effect in Milwaukee.

Drivers are reigning in other spending just to keep gas in the tank. According to AAA, the $4 per gallon mark is when most drivers start the budget adjusting. Many drivers try to combine as many errands as possible into one trip. "I've just been taking it easy. There ain't been no extra driving, no extra moving around. I got to do what I got to do, and then come back, park my car," one driver said.

AAA says many drivers eliminate trips next, followed by cutting into the entertainment budget.

AAA says the refinery issue, combined with the typical seasonal jump means prices will very likely continue to climb. Fix those refineries, and it may be a short-term jump.

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