Presidential ads hitting airwaves in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin's presidential primary is set for Tuesday, April 3rd. That's late in the season. But Republicans are battling it out and political ads are already running on TV.

The first presidential ad buy in Wisconsin is a clear attack on Rick Santorum. The ads started running on Thursday. But they're not purchased by Santorum's rival, Mitt Romney. It's a Super PAC (political action committee) that supports Romney called "Restore Our Future" that purchased the ad.

Thanks to recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, PACs aren't held to the same fundraising rules as the candidates. That means they can raise unlimited amounts of money.

Brian Bennett runs his own advertising agency. He says these PACs are outspending the candidates two-to-one. "Romney's campaign as of yesterday, had spent over $37 million on the campaign, or the PAC, where his campaign only spent 12," Bennett said.

According to a company that tracks election ads, "Restore Out Future" has already bought $400,000 in political advertising in Wisconsin.