President Trump wins Kenosha County again, but not Wisconsin

President Donald Trump campaigned hard in Kenosha County and once again won the county as he did in 2016. A day later, many voters said they're not surprised the county went to President Trump even though the county, prior to 2016, typically voted Democrat.

One thing voters agreed on was the fact that the day after the election, the race for the White House was far from over.  

While the state of Wisconsin was called for Joe Biden, several regions of the state once again went to President Trump.

“I’m very happy about that, but I am disappointed the whole state didn’t go that way," said Barbara, a retired teacher.

President Trump once again edged out a Democratic challenger in Kenosha County, with polls showing just over 50% of the vote went to Trump while 47% of the vote went to Biden.
"I’m not surprised by the way things turned out," said Sabrina Northern.

Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey, Jacob Blake

Kenosha County received national attention in August following the police shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha police officer. 
Days of unrest followed, as did calls for justice. 

Both campaigns made separate stops in the county, with President Trump touring the damage and Joe Biden meeting with the Blake family. The family has been working on “get out the vote” efforts since. 
"We were proud to have been able to do that," said Justin Blake, Jacob Blake's uncle.
In a phone interview, Wednesday, Nov. 4, Justin Blake explained why he’s not disappointed with the outcome in Kenosha County.
"We encouraged many others throughout the state and throughout the cities of the state of Wisconsin to get out the vote and I believe that’s why we won at the end of the day," said Blake.

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Voters said Wednesday one thing is clear, the race for the White House is far from over.

"We’ll see what happens and we will have to deal with it," said Barbara. 
"By all means, re-count them," said Northern. "Count them again, three to four times if you have to to make sure the way people voted is what is actually being counted.” 


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