President Obama makes quick campaign stop in Green Bay

GREEN BAY -- Wisconsin is a state with good reason to be tired of politics, but as a battleground state, Wisconsin is being bombarded ahead of Election Day. From campaign ads to candidate visits, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are doing whatever they can to draw up support in the state with just five days to go.

On Thursday, November 1st, President Obama campaigned in Green Bay. Obama canceled his planned campaign stop on Tuesday, October 30th in Green Bay due to Sandy.

President Obama met with supporters on the tarmac at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay.

"I want to thank all of you for giving such a warm welcome to a Bears fan," President Obama said upon landing in Titletown.

There to greet President Obama was Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers -- one of the NFL's great defensive players who, on Thursday, defended President Obama.

"I want to thank the President. I want to thank him for his leadership," Woodson said.

In a high-energy speech Thursday morning, President Obama conjured up some of the magic and even the slogan of his 2008 run for the White House and mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's attempt to co-opt the change.

"He's saying he's the candidate of change.  Well, let me tell you Wisconsin, we know what change looks like and that ain't change," President Obama said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, also campaigning in Green Bay Thursday said four years of trillion-dollar deficits and mounting debt should disqualify President Obama from serving a second term.

"That's not the kid of change any American wants and that's what were going to get with another four years, because he hasn't shown us an alternative. If the President is running on real change, the reality is after four years of Barack Obama, that all we got left in our pocket is change," Gov. Walker said.

"Giving more power back to the to the biggest banks isn't change. Leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. Another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change.  Turning Medicare into a voucher system is change, but we don't want that change," President Obama said.

Despite polls showing President Obama with a lead in Wisconsin, the Obama campaign says it is taking nothing for granted as the election approaches.

President Obama will be back in Wisconsin on Saturday, November 3rd for a rally in downtown Milwaukee at the Delta Center -- where Katy Perry is set to perform.

On Monday, November 5th, President Obama will be in Madison, where Bruce Springsteen will perform.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th.