President Obama jokes about replacement refs on campaign trail in Ohio

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio -- The NFL's replacement referees can't catch a break, not even on the campaign trail. Following the controversial game-ending call at Monday's Packers vs. Seattle game that gave Seattle a 14-12 win over the Pack, President Barack Obama joked about replacement refs while campaigning Wednesday, September 26th.

President Obama joked about the replacement refs after he was introduced by a student with a broken arm in Bowling Green, Ohio.

"So Seth was playing - I think - Ultimate Frisbee - that's what it was. He was playing Ultimate Frisbee and he went up. He was going to make this amazing touchdown. He had the Frisbee and somebody cut him under his legs -- cut out from under him. It is clear replacement refs were in the game," Obama said.

The NFL and its regular referees are locked in a labor dispute.

Week Four games begin Thursday, September 27th, and negotiations between the NFL and referees’ union are still in flux – though many media outlets reported Wednesday a deal may be coming soon.

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