President-elect Donald Trump on U.S.-Mexico border: "Trust me, we're going to build the wall"

INDIANA -- President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday, December 1st renewed his pledge to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border during his first extensive public remarks since winning election.

He addressed border security briefly in a Thursday speech at an Indiana air conditioning company.

"People are saying, 'Do you think Trump's going to build the wall?' Trust me, we're going to build the wall."

The incoming president seemed to pull back on his plan to build a wall in an interview soon after the election. He said at the time he would consider a fence in certain areas along the border.

President-elect Trump also said Thursday the wall would "have doors" allowing legal immigration.

There are currently several hundred miles of border barrier separating the United States and Mexico.

President-elect Trump promised during the campaign to extend a concrete barrier across the entire 1,954-mile border.