Pres. Trump says he won't accept blame if Republicans lose House in November

WASHINGTON — Facing the prospect of an electoral defeat that could imperil his presidency, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won't accept the blame if Republicans lose the House in November, arguing that he is "helping" Republican candidates in the midterms.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, Presiden Trump also accused his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen of "lying" under oath, defended his use of the derisive nickname "Horseface" for porn actress Stormy Daniels and argued that the widespread condemnation of the Saudis in the disappearance of a Washington Post columnist was a rush to judgment.

Of his efforts on the campaign trail, Presiden Trump said: "I don't believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact." He resisted comparisons to former President Barack Obama, who took responsibility for the Democrats' defeat in 2010 by acknowledging that his party got "shellacked."

Democrats are hopeful about their chances to recapture the House, while Republicans are increasingly confident they can hold control of the Senate. If Democrats take the House and pursue impeachment or investigations — including seeking his long-hidden tax returns— President Trump said he will "handle it very well."

President Trump fielded questions on array of topics, including his former attorney's guilty plea in August. Cohen testified under oath that the president coordinated on a hush-money scheme to buy the silence of Daniels and a Playboy model who claims to have had an affair with President Trump. The president on Tuesday declared the allegation "totally false." But in entering the deal with Cohen, prosecutors signaled that they accepted his recitation of facts and account of what occurred.

President Trump derided Cohen, who worked for Trump for a decade, as "a PR person who did small legal work," and said it was "very sad" that Cohen had struck a deal to "achieve a lighter sentence."

And President Trump did not back down from derisively nicknaming Daniels "Horseface."

Asked by the AP if it was appropriate to insult a woman's appearance, President Trump responded, "You can take it any way you want."

President Trump said that Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone will serve as his next White House counsel and that he hoped to announce a replacement for U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the next week or two. He again repeated his frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the special counsel investigation, saying, "I can fire him whenever I want to fire him."

On the ongoing Russia investigation, President Trump defended his son Donald Trump Jr. for a Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer offering damaging information about Democrat Hillary Clinton. President Trump called his son a "good young guy" and said he did what any political aide would have done.

President Trump also touted the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as helping to motivate GOP voters. President Trump said he spoke to former President George W. Bush about Kavanaugh but, when asked by the AP, said he did not thank him for the calls he made to lobby GOP senators.