"Prayer works in all things:" Milwaukee congregation hopes faith will help to wipe out Ebola

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- France has announced it is now treating an Ebola patient -- an individual who apparently contracted Ebola while working for the United Nations in Sierra Leone. Meanwhile, Spain's Ebola patient is no longer in isolation -- instead, she's being monitored in a hospital. This, as the United Nations is cautioning against unnecessary isolation for health care workers. Here in Milwaukee, a church's congregation came together to pray for those affected by Ebola.

"We want to wipe Ebola out with prayer," Chris Ikanih, the pastor of the Bethany Lutheran Church said.

Pastor Ikanih held a special prayer service on Sunday morning, November 2nd dedicated to eradicating Ebola.

"Ebola has been a menace. Knowing that our people are suffering, are being killed by this dangerous, wicked virus -- it has effected everyone and slowly it`s trying to creep into the United States and we would like to wipe it out," Pastor Ikanih said.

"(We are) very sad. (It's) very terrible. We are heartbroken," Victor Ridley said.

Members of the congregation are praying for successful vaccines, healing of the ill and a cure for Ebola.

"God can heal. We firmly believe this disease this is not bigger than Him, so we are calling on our Lord to reach out and heal the people who are afflicted," Ridley said.

These church members say their belief is that everyone is God's child.

"He sees everything, so nothing happens without His knowledge. God commands us to come to Him in prayer, call upon Him and He is there to serve us," Pastor Ikanih said.

With clasped hands and hope in their hearts, these church members are looking for insight and an end to the Ebola outbreak. They're being told to be informed, but not afraid, so with strength in numbers and the power of prayer, they're hopeful they will make a difference.

"It has been proven time and time again -- prayer works in all things," Dawn Edwards said.

Bethany Lutheran Church plans to collect hygiene products and money to send to the parts of Africa hit hard by Ebola.