Postponed: Jury trial for former MPS mentor accused of sexual assault will begin in June

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- A jury trial for 56-year-old Allen Bozeman Jr., a former mentor at Milwaukee Public Schools' Thurston Woods Campus has been postponed until June.

Allen Bozeman

Bozeman faces two felony charges:

    Jury selection was supposed to begin on Monday, February 22nd, but instead, Bozeman's trial was postponed.

    The trial is now scheduled to begin on June 20th. A status conference has been scheduled for June 13th.

    Bozeman is accused of exposing himself multiple times to a child at a Milwaukee school, and even placing a student's hand on his genitals.

    The incidents allegedly took place in the basement bathroom at MPS' Thurston Woods Campus.

    Bozeman was a mentor for students at the school.

    Thurston Woods Academy

    FOX6 News spoke with the mother of the victim, who said Bozeman took advantage of her child, and the trust her child had placed in Bozeman.

    "My child looked up to him. I trusted him. My child trusted him.  He exposed himself to him on a number of different occasions," the mother said.

    The boy was finishing up the school year in June of 2015. He said Bozeman not only exposed himself, but also made the boy touch him inappropriately.

    "I was outraged. I was saddened. Disgusted," the boy's mother said.

    This mother says there were five or six incidents in the days leading up to summer break.

    According to a criminal complaint filed against him, Bozeman would give the boy money after each encounter for "good behavior."

    "It was the last day of school and my child came home with money. I asked where he got it from," the mother said.

    Bozeman allegedly told the student not to tell anyone.

    "He`s still having a hard time. There`s a lot of crying," the mother said in June.

    Milwaukee Public Schools officials placed Bozeman on "emergency suspension" amid the allegations:

    The victim said he lost respect for Bozeman after this "stuff" happened, and he initially didn't tell his family about it because the boy didn't want them to worry about him.

    "My child tells me he doesn`t want to live the rest of his life thinking about what happened to him," the mother said.

    FOX6 News heard from a second victim, who claims Bozeman sexually harassed her when she was in fifth grade, and school leaders did nothing about it. She said she warned the school's principal about Bozeman years before these criminal charges were filed against him.

    "He never seemed like a bad person to me until the situation in the lunch room," the woman, who is now an adult, told FOX6 News.

    Woman claims she was harassed by Allen Bozeman

    When she was in fifth grade, the woman claims Bozeman harassed her, making her feel uncomfortable for months.

    "Mr. Bozeman had said something to me about my breasts," the woman said.

    She said Bozeman was working as a lunch room and recess aide when he made comments about the size of her chest.

    "I went home and told my mom and she called to the school and we had a meeting about it," the woman said.

    The woman claims MPS officials promised an investigation, but Bozeman stayed with the school -- only to have allegations about his behavior become progressively worse.

    "Everything is coming out now that he's caught. He's finally caught. He can't do it to nobody else," the woman said.