Political science professor says signature-gathering should be successful

Tuesday, the recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and four Wisconsin senators began, and volunteers took to the streets, hoping to collect 540,000 valid signatures over the next 60 days, to trigger recall elections. While some ignored petitioners Tuesday, Marquette Political Science Professor John McAdams says he believes the petition-signature effort should be successful.

Ashley Marrone and some of her fellow Marquette students were out at the bus stop at 16th Street and Wisconsin Avenue Tuesday, trying to gather signatures. Marrone is studying to be a teacher, and says she's upset about Walker's collective bargaining law.

"Being a future teacher - that's what really struck me today, to want to collect the signatures," Marrone said.

McAdams says he feels the effort will be successful because people will sign anything, even if they're tired of the recall topic.

"Many years ago, a professor studied people who would sign to get a Nazi candidate on the ballot, by saying you're not supporting this candidate in any way, you're just trying to get people on the ballot," McAdams said.

James Lewis said he won't sign the petitions, saying he has serious concerns about an effort to recall a governor that has simply made unpopular policy decisions. As for Marrone, she filled her signature pages by the end of the day Tuesday.

"For every one person that is rude to me, there's about seven others that are enthusiastic about signing," Marrone said.